• River Production got its official start May 2010 after poking around producing for a few years prior. I created it to be a full-service production business to help you with the workload. River Production offers estimating, scouting, casting, crew and budget management services.
  • I've got experience in a variety of projects - studio management, casting, weekly ad, signage, packaging, catalogue, video and editorial. Working on location or in studio? Can do. I've got a big car and like to fill it with production gear. Need a gorgeous model from New York? No problem. I've shot in New York, LA, Miami and Minneapolis.
  • This is my second career after a tenure in health care insurance.
  • Yup. It was boring. And not much fun, either.
  • I studied Art History and Studio Arts, so the creative world is like coming home. The health care career taught me about project management, managing teams, working with deadlines and tight budgets.
  • I love managing projects-the messier the better.
  • Nothing makes me happier than seeing a project evolve from sketches to final selects.
  • Let's have some fun together!
  • -Jennifer